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My projects

Age of Ark

A game developed in the summer of '14. Coded in Unity by me and Cale Tilford. Combined the ideas of action-y spaceship navigation with strategic base building. Happy with the overall aesthetic though it never got to a point where the gameplay design was 'good'.

Design render for Age of Ark.

Placement at Feral

From 2015 - 2016, I interned at Feral Interactive, where I was able to help port a number of big-time AAA games to macOS and other platforms.



My own website. Really informative about how web technology works after a life of just using systems languages and low-level hacking. Maybe you've seen it somewhere before...

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Coming soon! An experimental exploration of anxiety and obsession within the cockpit of a space capsule controlled by interfacing with a simulated Apollo computer guidance system.

A real life guidance computer. Not simulated.